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What is Junction 
Seed Grant?

The Junction Seed Grant was created to drive positive change in your community.

We want to help you explore, pilot and develop innovative ideas and concepts, for community programming.

If you have a new program idea, such as a celebration of a Jewish holiday or a Jewish social event and want to make it happen, read on.

What kind
of projects

do the
Seed Grants support?

This one is up to you. But we do have some ideas about what a successful project looks like.


The grants are designed for ideas that involve and engage young adult Jewish community members in a creative way, such as a non-typical celebration of a Jewish holiday, a local or international learning session with mentors, and it can even be something no one has ever imagined before –

so long as it relates to your young adult Jewish community, its members,

and their identity.

Up to

What funding

can I get

for my project?

Which are the criteria

to be eligible for a grant?

How does

the process work?

Applications must be processed through a registered or associated charity. We recommend that before applying, you contact us by email to Junction or directly, if you have details, to a Junction staff member. This call will help us to better understand your vision and assess your eligibility, as well as providing you with some helpful tips to continue moving forward.

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