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What is Junction 
Program Grant?

This Grant is awarded to your already existent young Jewish community. We want to support you in your ongoing search for solutions towards addressing critical issues in the community. We see the importance of continuing investment in ideas provided by you.

We believe in your growth and knowledge. Grantees for the Program Grant should be able to convincingly articulate their vision and understand and express the gaps their project fills.

What kind
of projects

do the
rogram Grants support?

This grant is designed for those with a big idea, a project with a large-scale purpose, an event that has wider reach and deeper meaning for young adults in the given year or for multiple years.


It can be an international new project on a Jewish topic; a local initiative that supports the community, or a social activity that benefits a broader young Jewish adult group in your community – it can be anything you imagine, as long as it has a deep impact and serves a meaningful purpose.

Up to

What funding

can I get

for my project?

Which are the criteria

to be eligible for a grant?

How does

the process work?

Applications must be processed through a registered or associated charity. We recommend that before applying, you contact us by email to Junction or directly, if you have details, to a Junction staff member. This call will help us to better understand your vision and assess your eligibility, as well as providing you with some helpful tips to continue moving forward.

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