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What is
a Multiplier? 

Junction believes in investing in the “movers and shakers” of young Jewish Europe. As we say, our goals is to support you to create Jewish life, that is made by you, for you. We devote our time to finding and accelerating the future of Jewish leadership.

Technically, anyone can be a Multiplier. If you have an idea for a programme, a scheme, an initiative or something else, with which you can expressively build “community” from, then you’re on the correct page!

become a Multiplier?

Aside from being able to apply for a programme grant, become a Multiplier offers much more. Alongside your grant process, we offer regular support and consultation, connecting you with experts and professionals in your field or vision. Twice a year, we invite you to a Multipliers seminar, where you can meet, connect and network with other change makers in Europe. Through creative workshops, expect to share and be challenged, meet potential partners in the Jewish world and build something to take-home and build upon.

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