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Annual is our flagship gathering which is specifically

designed for young (18-35) active participants, volunteers,

and leaders, involved in Jewish communal life.

Whether that is with the local federation, student union, grassroots initiative, or something else, together, we can connect, innovate, and accelerate as a young European Jewish community.


2024’s Junction Annual theme is “Tradition: Evolve the Future”.

With this we seek to acknowledge that Jewish tradition has been in a constant state of flux since the concept of Jewish people began in ancient times. With pivotal moments of change, some rituals, customs and identities remain, while others have either drifted from or evolved within our practise.


Our challenge is to understand our power and ability to reshape tradition, honouring the past, our heritage, whilst being decisive and intentional about our Jewish future. We want to empower you to be the makers of your Judaism. Jewish Life: For You, By You.


How can we be future thinkers without losing our identity?


How can we create new traditions without dishonouring those before us?


How will we pass our Judaism to the next generation?

There are the questions. We have a rich history that we all inherit and a bright future in which to leave our own legacy.


Junction Annual is an “inspire conference” providing formative experiences, set in an amazing hotel and location, in Warsaw, where our team of expert speakers will provide interactive and challenging workshops, encouraging participants to share and broaden their perspective.

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