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Junction is a partner and supporter of Jewish young adult initiatives. We encourage a culture of personal growth, innovative community and social responsibility, striving for a vibrant, inclusive and resilient future in Europe.


TaMaR Germany

You manage to design a program

that is precisely tailored to our needs.

I feel very motivated and encouraged to tackle my tasks and not to shy away from the challenges. Thank you so much for the possibility of being part of the program and for your trust.



UGEI Italy

I can now better analyze

work situations and understand my strengths more so I can be a more effective leader for my team.

Thank you Junction!



Kesher Hungary

I can implement so much!

The methods Junction used to train us

I can use to train my colleagues.

I got to know myself better.

I had loads of awesome ideas for things

I need to do (experiments) and a couple really useful tools!

Made possible by


The American Jewish Joint

Distribution Committee (JDC)

is the world's leading Jewish humanitarian aid organization.

Since 1914, JDC has been

an example of how all Jews

are responsible for each other and

for improving the well-being of people in need around the world.


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Supported by


Charles and Lynn Schusterman

Family Philanthropies 

is a global organization that seeks

to ignite the passion and unleash

the power in young people to create positive change for themselves,

the Jewish community,

and the world at large.

Schusterman pursues its mission through collaborative work. 


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